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This web server is owned and operated by TheUs Group, Walterville, Oregon.

McKenzie Valley Bamboo

Our retail nursery is located in Springfield, Oregon. We sell clumping bamboos and running bamboos. Plant pot sizes range from 1 gallon to 15 gallon. joey for sale.

  Solar Energy Systems

Our solar electric (PV) system and solar thermal (hot water) system are shown. Real-time data are available for both systems including an annimated graphic showing the pumps, valves and fluid flow in the thermal system. A large number of charts show how the systems are performing, and some of them compare system performance with the associated weather conditions.

  Walterville Weather Station

A real-time weather reporting station. Collected weather data are displayed in color charts. Links to local forecasts, local radar and local satellite images are listed. Several years of archived data are available in chart form.


  About TheUs Group

John Theus formed TheUs Group in 1990 to do electrical engineering consulting specializing in Futurebus+ (IEEE 896) in which he was an expert and a principal creator. He is the author of the Futurebus+ Handbook.

Prior to the formation of TheUs Group, he was a principal engineer at Tektronix, Inc. were he specialized in designing the computing subsystems of engineering-class workstations running BSD-based Unix. He starting running his own BSD-based server in the mid-80s and continues to do so today with multiple servers running FreeBSD with ZFS.

TheUs Group moved into web-based custom applications in the mid-90s where there were high levels of dynamic content.

John designed and built his first real-time weather station in 1980. The information from that station became available on the web in 1990 and started the on-going interest of real-time data collection and publication. His most recent projects are the solar energy systems listed above.

Our wallaby Willow with her 2009 joey