Theus Solar

Solar Thermal Power Over the Last 24 Hours

Data collected at 10:50:03 PM   Thursday 8-Dec-22 (UTC - 0800)
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The blue curve shows the amount of solar power striking the collector array at this location on this date with a clear sky. It is the amount of solar radiation hitting this location measured above the atmosphere minus the expected losses through the atmosphere, and accounting for the tilt (30°) and orientation (162°) of the collector panels and the efficiency of the panels. Efficiency depends on both ambient temperature and incoming water temperature which are not factored into this curve, so an average efficiency is used. The shape and location of the curve is what's most significant not the magnitude of the power. Extraterrestrial solar radiation is calculated using solpos.c which is distributed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

For more on irradiance go to the UO Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory.