Hydronic Floor Details

rigid insulation on top of compacted rock Two inches (R-10) of closed cell rigid foam insulation placed on compacted gravel.
Moisture barrier and rebar on top of the insulation. moisture barrier and rebar
pex pipe looped through the room Pex pipe is layed out for a room and wire-tied to the rebar. The ties are made of a material that will chemically react with the concrete and dissolve over time. The location of the walls were marked in green paint with the goal keeping the pipe away from any location where fasteners would penetrate into the concrete.

The pipe was layed out so that the hottest water would go along the outside walls.

A piece of conduit was run to the center of the pipe loop to allow a temperature sensor to be placed inside the slab.

Pictures were taken to record the location of the pex pipe using survey rods as rulers. After the radiant system was up and running we learned that a hand-held IR thermometer does a good job locating the warm pipe in the cooler slab.

A five inch thick slab is poured covering the pex pipe. We colored the concrete to match the color of the dirt. pouring the colored concrete
completely poured slab The slab with a hard trowel finish. After the wall board was hung and mudded, the slab was diamond polished and sealed.